Sunday Bible Class

During the school year, Holy Cross offers an adult Bible class before each worship service.  The class begins at 1:15 p.m..  We study God’s word by taking a look at a book of the Bible or a certain teaching of the Bible.  Those in high school and older are encouraged to attend this class.  Currently we are studying the book of Genesis.

Sunday School

During the school year, Holy Cross offers a Sunday school for children ages 3-14 starting at 10:45 a.m.  The children learn one Bible story and memory verse each week.  Students have an opportunity to hear a devotional message from pastor at the beginning of each class.  The children also learn hymns and songs in order to sing them during the worship services.  We currently have six teachers and a few helpers in order to teach children God’s word.

Summer Family Bible Study

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Holy Cross offers a family Bible Study after its worship service around 10:15.  There is a fellowship time with refreshments followed by a short Bible study designed to edify people of all ages.  In June and July of this year we will be taking a look at various Bible translations.

Midweek Bible Classes

During the school year, we hold a midweek Bible Class.  Currently, this class meets at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday afternoons.  This class studies God’s word by taking a look at a book of the Bible, a teaching of the Bible, or another topic.  Typically we will tackle a harder to understand topic or cover a book more in-depth in our midweek class than our Sunday class.  We are currently studying the Gospel of Mark.

Bible Information Class

Holy Cross offers a Bible information class (BIC).  This class is designed to teach the basic teachings of the Bible.  This BIC class is for people interested in becoming members of Holy Cross, or for people just looking to study the basic teachings of the Bible as a refresher.


Holy Cross offers a one-week Vacation Bible School during the summer.  At VBS the children will learn one Bible story per day, make crafts, learn songs, have a snack, and play games.  The children will also learn songs and parts of the Bible stories in order to share them at the worship service after VBS is completed.

Kids at Christmas

On a Saturday in December Holy Cross offers a one-day VBS called Kids At Christmas.  At Christmas For Kids children from prek-6th grade learn the true story of Christmas—that God came down to this earth to be born as a baby.  This boy would eventually grow up to save the world from their sins through his death and resurrection.  Crafts, games, snacks and songs are done as part of this day also.  For more information about this year’s Kids at Christmas click here.

Kids at Easter

On a Saturday leading up to Easter, Holy Cross offers a one-day VBS called Kids At Easter.  At Easter For Kids, children from prek-6th grade learn the story of Holy Week.  They learn about Jesus ridding into Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday; Jesus instituting the Lord’s Supper on Maundy Thursday; his suffering , death, and burial on Good Friday; and of course, his glorious resurrection from the grave on Easter morning.  Crafts, games, snacks and songs are done as part of this day also.
For more information on Kids at Easter click here.

Catechism Class

Members of Holy Cross in 7th and 8th grade learn the basics of God’s word through the study of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism.  This class teaches God’s word through studying the 10 Commandments, the Apostles Creed, The Ministry of the Keys, the sacrament of Holy Baptism, the sacrament of Holy Communion, and the Lord’s Prayer.  Once this class is completed the children present themselves to be communicant members of Holy Cross.

Youth Group

Holy Cross has recently started a youth group.  We plan on meeting once a month in order to study God’s word and to do some fun activities together.

Sisters in Christ

Many of the ladies of Holy Cross meet together once a month in order to study God’s word and to enjoy fellowship with each other.  Sisters in Christ supports Holy Cross by serving for various meals throughout the year, making decorations, and serving as an altar guild.  Sisters in Christ also supports Holy Cross through a variety of other activities.


During the school year, members of Holy Cross meet after the worship service on Sunday mornings in order to learn psalms, hymns, and songs in order to sing praises to their Savior.  These songs are then sung during the worship services.